•  SoundDiego Sponsorships Engaging with local music lovers

    SoundDiego provides an insider's perspective to San Diego's vibrant music scene through the eyes and ears of bloggers and prominent voices.  Spanning the virtual and real worlds, SoundDiego throws a monthly hit-&-run party showcasing local deejays & bleeding-edge bands with San Diego ties.  SoundDiego TV airs weekly after Saturday Night Live



Opportunity Details


  • SoundDiego TV
  • SoundDiego section on NBC7.com
  • Live Events
  • Sponsorship


  • On-Site Integration
  • Online Presence
  • On-Air Promotional Announcements
  • Social Media Integration


Christopher Dolan

Vice President of Sales

  • 225 Broadway, Suites 100 & 300
    San Diego, CA 92101
  • Phone: 619-578-0353

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